AIM strives to amplify the voices of its member organizations and to facilitate resources and build capacity to extend each member organization’s reach within its region and globally where appropriate. AIM member needs are represented at international forums in Geneva, New York, and regional conferences. As a member, you can benefit from capacity building efficiencies, lobbying, fundraising, information dissemination, and training of and between member organizations.

Furthermore, active participation of members are encouraged through thematic sub-committees as include women’s rights, freedom of expression, freedom of religion and belief, and progressive Islamic scholarship.

Become a Member

AIM welcomes new members that have a proven track-record in advocating for the equal worth of all human beings, regardless of religious or sectarian affiliation, creed, age, race, ethnicity, nationality, political affiliation, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity, or (dis)ability, and who pledge to uphold AIM’s principles:

  1. Human Rights and Dignity for All; advocating for the recognition of each individual’s equal worth in society and equal protection under the law.
  2. Freedom of Expression; advocating for freedom of expression, thought, and conscience, and freedom of dissent. No one should be prosecuted, imprisoned, or detained for political, journalistic, artistic, social, or religious expression.
  3. Freedom of and from Religion and Belief; advocating to uphold the Qu’ranic mandate “let there be no compulsion in religion” (Q2:256), and that freedom of conscience is not only essential to all human societies but integral to the Qu’ranic worldview of humanity.